About Us

GPSG has been active in import, distribution and export of white goods, brown goods, small domestic appliances, game consoles and cameras for 10 years. GPSG has subsidiaries in the UK, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. GPSG has international business partners in more than 35 countries from different continents. The customers are main national and multinational retail chains, smaller shop chains and distributors. GPSG has continuous growth in its core business of import, distribution and export every year by increasing the number of customers, as well as the numbers of suppliers and the product range. The main focus is to develop product range with existing suppliers and develop the customer base in Turkey and in the region.


GPSG Ltd, UK is established in 2006 in the UK, whereas the sister company ETG International SRL is established in 2004 in Romania. GPSG has been active in distribution of white goods in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine till 2008. From year 2008, the company has focused on export of white appliances and small domestic appliances from Turkey and import and distribution of electronics and small domestic appliances. In 2009, GPSG has received license for importing small appliances, TVs and cameras to Turkey. In 2010, GPSG has signed contract with major A brands in small domestic appliances, TVs and accessories. Since 2010, the total turnover has increased by more than 3 times and GPSG has become one of the significant players in the market of consumer electronics.